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On this page you will find all new information about whale sharks and the Galapagos Whale Shark Project.


  • See some tracks recorded by our satellite tags
  • check out new written papers our scientists
  • and other new Information we want to share with you


Research Trips

Two or three times a year we go on research trips to Darwin Arch, Galapagos Islands to study these enigmatic creatures.


HERE you will find some research reports of our fieldtrips if you are interested in more detailed information.

DIVE with US

Are you interested in diving with whale sharks? 


We have dive expeditions led by Jonathan R. Green, Director and Founder of the Galapagos Whale Shark Project. 


Is your focus science, conservation, photography? Or you would like to combine diving and land with a photography workshop and information about whale sharks and the Galapagos Islands? 



New information

First transmission of the whale shark DD Brown!



During our 2017 field trip we deployed a satellite SPLASH tag on an adopted whale shark called DD Brown! 


Now we received the first position!


Exciting news!




During our 2017 field trip at the on 26th September we deployed a satellite SPLASH tag on an adopted whale shark called DD Brown


Today (10th October) we got the first transmission of the position of DD Brown!


Lets take a closer look where she is heading.



Where is SHE at the moment? (10th October)

Have you ever thought about ADOPTING a whale shark?



Have you ever thought about adopting a whale shark?


Whale sharks were recently classified endangered (IUCN). 


You can make a difference and SUPPORT our project by adopting a whale shark


Please contact us or directly Marine Megafauna Foundation.

Further information




Are you also interested in more details about the field trip 2017? Seven whale sharks were tagged during this trip.

Found out more HERE!

Where you can find us?


Since the start of the GWSP a great deal of emphasis has been put on outreach and communications. Both founding members Green and Hearn have worked with different media to create awareness of the project, the plight of whale sharks and the challenges of working with such a mysterious species in a greatly unexplored part of our planet.


Scientific publications, science articles as well as popular press, newspapers and magazines, have all featured the work of the GWSP. Facebook and media forums, You Tube, Vimeo etc. have been used to reach a wide as possible audience. Instagram and Twitter are being integrated into this website.


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A documentary, Galapagos: Realm of Giant Sharks, featured the early work of the project and the BBC worked with the team for two filed seasons with the work featured as part of the Blue Planet II series.

International conferences, schools and colleges together with high profile venues such as the Royal Geographical Society of London, UK have provided a global platform whilst schools and colleges at a regional and local level help create local ambassadors and heighten awareness in the future stewards of our planet.

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