Galapagos Whale Shark Project - Galapagos shark and hammerhead shark in the Galapagos Islands

Galapagos Shark Diving actively supports conservation in Galapagos!

Dive with THE whale shark expert Jonathan R. Grenn! Dive with a Purpose - combine an incredible dive experience with helping research & conservation of whale sharks!

WHY dive in the GALAPAGOS?

Big school of hammerhead sharks in Galapagos

Once you dive Galapagos your life and diving will NEVER be the same!

  • The Galapagos Islands are a magical place. They offer diving with hammerhead, Galapagos & Silky sharks, Whale Sharks, turtles, Molas, Marine Iguanas, Eagle rays, dolphins, Jacks, Tuna, Red-lipped batfish and so much unique marine species.
  • Occasionally we also find Orcas, Tiger Sharks, Humpback whales and other less frequently seen marine animals!

WHY with us? How do we make the DIFFERENCE?

Adult whale shark with diver in Galapagos
  • You support  'Galapagos Whale Shark Project' directly with a donation which is included in the price! 
  • We give presentations about a variety of Galapagos topics, science and conservation of Whale Sharks & the Galapagos Whale Shark Project!
  • We will have maximum of 14 passengers instead of 16 on board the vessel.
  • You will dive with members of the research project GWSP Jonathan Green, Sofia Green, Simon Pierce & Jenny Waack. So you will get details about the project and a few stories behind the scence of the filming of 'BBC Blue Planet II' directly from the project leader Jonathan.
  • All are dive masters! So you will have 3-4 dive masters in total - ratio of 1 dive master per 3-5 divers!
  • YOU can help with citizen science adding to the knowledge and global data bases.
  • Interested in underwater photography? Jonathan is an award winning photographer, who has led many photography workshops in Galapagos and around the world. He will give you all the tips & tricks in a PHOTOGRAPHY WORKSHOP and practical advice about photography on land and underwater directly onboard. All included in the trip cost.
  • Why these dates? We take into consideration local and climatic conditions to optimise our wildlife encounters! 
  • We offer translation onboard in Spanish, German and French.

The Itinerary

Galapagos Shark Diving itinerary


Morning: Santa Cruz - Baltra Airport

Afternoon: Santa Cruz - Baltra Island (1 check dive)


Morning: Cape Marshall (2 dives)

Afternoon: Cape Marshall (1 dive)


Morning: Darwin's Arch (2 dives)

Afternoon: Darwin's Arch (2 dives)


Morning: Darwin's Arch (2 dives)

Afternoon: Wolf Island (2 dives)


Morning: Wolf Island (2 dives)

Afternoon: Wolf Island (1 dive)


Morning: Punta Vivente Roca (2 dives)

Afternoon: Cabo Douglas (1 dive)


Morning: Cousin's Rock (2 dives)

Afternoon: Santa Cruz - Highlands with Giant tortoises


Morning: Santa Cruz - Baltra Airport depart or continue with land extension

See the detailed Itinerary HERE!

The ship

The boat offers a wide diversity of dive opportunities:

  • It visits dive sites for MOLAS, GIANT MANTAS and MARINE IGUANAS!
  • It offers ALL the dives and services of the other dive vessels in the Galapagos and YOU CAN'T BEAT OUR PRICE!

The vessel allows for a unique and unforgettable voyage in terms of the experience and quality of service and diving. Nine comfortable cabins each with private en-suite bathroom, hot and cold water, orthopedic mattresses, air conditioning which may be individually controlled and plenty of electrical outlets give you all you need. 


The master and superior cabins on the main deck have windows whilst the lower deck cabins have portholes that allow for natural light and the enjoyment of sunrise and sunset.


Most time however will be spent out on deck enjoying the fresh air from on the afterdeck, sundeck and dive platform. Or you can relax in the lounge, enjoy a drink at the bar or have some quiet time working on photos, reading or just meditating.


All dives are carried out by panga, (tender) giving us easy access to all the dive locations. The ship is equipped with 2 new compressors to fill the tanks.


The on-board chef prepares three delicious meals a day, with international and Ecuadorian fare. Snacks and fresh fruit are always available.


HERE you find more detailed information about the ship.

The Price



In 2021:

USD 5,095 per person


In 2022:

USD 5,395 per person


In 2023:


USD 5,595 per person

The rate for 2021 is:

  • 8-day Liveaboard is USD 5,095  per person based on double occupancy for the week 
  • 15-day Liveaboard is USD 9,890  per person based on double occupancy for the week 
  • Special 15-day Liveaboard is USD 10,090  per person based on double occupancy for the week 



Following Extra/Add-ons are already included in the price:

  • donation for the GWSP project 
  • photography instruction with underwater photographer on board
  • talks/lectures about Galapagos, whale sharks & whale shark research project
  • 2 additional dive guides (total 4 dive master, ratio: 1 dive guide per group of 3-4 divers)
  • Learn HOW can YOU support conservation in a Citizen Science workshop


  • 7 nights/8 days aboard the vessel

  • 2 to 4 dives per day (diving as per the itinerary)
  • Transfers from and to the airport within the Galapagos Islands
  • Pre-breakfast, breakfast, lunch, dinner meals plus inbetween-dive snacks
  • Coffee, tea, purified water
  • Technical equipment: tanks, weights, weight belt.
  • SCUBA tuba SMB
  • 4 Dive Masters total  (ratio: 1 dive master per group of 3-4 divers)
  • A variety of lectures about the Galapagos Islands and the Galapagos Whale Shark Project
  • You will be accompanied by the research project leader Jonathan Green and team member Jenny Waack
  • Photography workshop & practical advice
  • Translation in Spanish, German and French


Fuel Surcharge, $150 per person is currently waived (other vessels still charge this amount).


  • Flights to/from the Galapagos Islands
  • Galapagos National Park tax ($100 pp, cash only) - payable upon arrival at Galapagos Airport.
  • Transit Control Card ($20 pp, cash only) - payable in cash at Quito or Guayaquil Airport of departure for Galapagos
  • Personal equipment:  Wetsuit, BCD (Buoyancy control device/jacket), regulator, booties  fins, mask, dive computer, gloves, hoods, dive light
  • Camera
  • Nitrox ($ 150 / per week)
  • Alcoholic beverages and bottled drinks
  • Dive Accident/MedEvac Insurance
  • Personal expenses
  • On board gratuities, (always optional)


Suggestions for your dive trip

All available DATES on the DIVE EXPEDITION

In 2021:

  • 20 - 27 July 2021
  • 26 July - 02 August 2021
  • 27 July - 03 August 2021
  • 03 - 17 August 2021 (15 days)
  • 24 - 31 August 2021
  • 31 August - 07 September 2021

In 2022:  

19 - 26 July 2022

26 July - 02 August 2022

02 - 16 August 2022 (15 day dive liveaboard)

16 - 23 August 2022

23 - 30 August 2022

30 August - 06 September 2022

06 - 13 September 2022


In 2023:  

18 - 25 July 2023

25 July - 01 August 2023

01 - 15 August 2023 (15 day dive liveaboard)

15 - 22 August 2023

22 - 29 August 2023

29 August - 05 September 2023


05 - 12 September 2023

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WHO are we and WHY we loving what we do?

Jenny Waack & Jonathan R. Green are founder of Galapagos Shark Diving. We offer dive expeditions to support a for us really important research project - the Galapagos Whale Shark Project. Both of us fell in love with whale sharks and the marine environment, dedicating our lives to protect these gentle giants and the oceans. More information to our history here.

Why we love what we do? 

We like to ...

  • ... offer DIVING WITH A PURPOSE - combine an incredible dive experience with helping research & conservation of whale sharks!
  • ... make the world aware of the endangered status of whale sharks, show how everybody can help in giving more detailed information about these gentle giants of the oceans.
  • ... show YOU how you can do citizen science and support a lot of shark species.
  • ... give us the possibility to dedicate more time to the project and the conservation of whale sharks.
  • ... give back to nature & marine life

Some VIDEOS from our trips

What citizen sciene we do?

  • You will help collect important DATA such as Photo IDs of sharks with us on our trip and support conservation! We will show you how! 
  • Your donation will help us to gather important information and help solve the mystery of these gentle giants!

  • With your donation you are buying part of a satellite tag! With every week of full charter we are able to fund one satellite tag! This tag is used to see which routes whale sharks are taking, how deep they dive and where they spend time. We will explain how we deploy tags and exactly how we use the data during the week aboard. Your tag will be programmed with you prior to its deployment by the team during one of the annual field trips. (National Park regulations DO NOT PERMIT tagging and other interactive techniques from tour boats).
  • As 'THANK YOU' you will receive a great underwater VIDEO of your trip! You will also receive our quarterly newsletter to update you on our progress.

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