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Our Partners

We develop our project in close collaboration with organisations working to help protect the wildlife and ecosystem of the Galapagos Islands.


We are always looking for like-minded organisations to work with. If you would like to join our efforts, please contact us.

Galapagos National Park




The Galapagos islands has a territorial model that guarantees the preservation of ecological integrity and biodiversity of marine and island ecosystems, promoting rational use of environmental resources that promotes an equitable, strong and sustainable economic and cultural development.

Marine Megafauna Foundation




The Marine Megafauna Foundation conducts pioneering research on marine megafauna and uses scientific evidence to educate the public and government to influence long-lasting conservation strategies.

Galapagos Conservation Trust                                                                                    




Galapagos Conservation Trust (GCT) was founded in 1995, and is the only UK charity working solely for the conservation of the Galapagos Islands. The incredible diversity of wildlife found in Galapagos is what makes this volcanic Archipelago so very special, and our work aims to promote the conservation of endangered species found on Darwin’s Enchanted Isles.

Georgia Aquarium                                                                                




Georgia Aquarium is a nonprofit committed to inspiring awareness and preservation of our ocean and aquatic animals worldwide.

Fundación Megafauna Marina del Ecuador                                                                                    




The overall objective of FMME is to conduct focused research which can be applied towards the comprehensive management Marine Megafauna populations for the sustainable benefit of local Ecuadorian and Galapagos Islands communities

Galapagos Science Center                                                                       




To address the current challenges facing the Galapagos Islands such as population growth, resource conflict, and economic development, a collaborative partnership has been created between the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, USA and the Universidad San Francisco de Quito, Ecuador. The partnership is designed to foster research, education, and outreach programs in the islands, with the larger goals of advancing conservation efforts in the Galapagos and promoting better understanding of ecologically sensitive and protected areas worldwide.

Planeterra Foundation                                                                      




Established in 2003, by global adventure travel company G Adventures’ founder, Bruce Poon Tip, Planeterra Foundation is a non-profit organization that has contributed millions of dollars towards projects in areas of social enterprise, healthcare, conservation, and emergency response. The Planeterra Foundation is registered under Canada’s Not-for- Profit Organization Act. With an annual contribution from G Adventures to support our operating costs as well as a significant portion of project development costs, Planeterra can invest 100% of public and corporate donations towards project development.

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